Before you decide to buy an iguana, you have to know the necessary requirements in order to be successful in owning one of nature’s exotic species. Being familiar with the animal’s basic needs should be enough to keep an iguana alive. However, having the proper knowledge of how to raise a happy iguana, one that you can live with for the next 15 to 25 years, will require more than simple feeding and caring.

It would be inaccurate and unfair to imply that iguanas are simple pets to care for and that everyone should have one. Iguanas are special animals with special needs that may or may not be suitable to a potential owner. An iguana requires a lot from its owner, especially during the first few months of obtaining one.

Closeup of a head of a yellow iguana

Closeup photo of a yellow iguana

Iguanas are not like many urban pets. If having an adaptable pet that is easy to care for is what you have in mind, then you’re better off getting a cat or a fish. If you are buying an iguana just to look at or show to your friends, just go to the zoo or watch the National Geographic channel because you will soon regret your reason for getting one. Last but not the least, if you don’t have the time, patience, money, and commitment to raise an unusual and challenging pet, an iguana is not right for you.

On the other hand, if you are prepared to take on the challenge of raising a unique animal, an iguana can be the perfect match. Ask yourself the following six questions before you buy an iguana:

1. Can I give my iguana the proper care, feeding, and habitat necessary for its survival?

2. Can I provide the medical care and expense in order for it to stay healthy?

3. Do I have a real interest in these animals or is it more a phase that I am going through?

4. Do I have the time, energy, and patience to train a special animal?

5. As a responsible pet owner, am I willing to educate myself of the animal’s special needs and concerns?

6. If the iguana is for my child, will I be willing and able to take over the responsibility of caring for it if my child loses interest?



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