Since bird watching is an outdoor sport, in addition to the necessary birding supply, you must also consider the possibility of changing weather conditions and prepare yourself accordingly.

That means having rain gear and waterproof equipment. You shouldn’t allow the weather to have the power over whether you have a good outing or not.

Nothing will ruin your birding trip more than being unprepared by not having the right provisions. So you’ll have to make sure you head out with all the appropriate birding supplies, which will make your experience a memorable one rather than a nightmare.

As far as clothing goes, you should wear comfortable clothes and shoes; and since some trails to get good views of beautiful birds require a long climb, it would be wise for you to wear hiking boots or trail shoes. You should also have waterproof jackets and pants.

Apart from proper clothing, other essential birding gear you’d need includes your bird whistle. After all, who goes birding without the bird whistle? And let’s not forget your very own binoculars. Can’t go birding without the binoculars, can you? Naturally, as an avid birding enthusiast, you’ll have binoculars that has a neck strap and can fit into its own case.

Then there are your bird log and books. And of course, you’ll need a water resistant pouch to keep them dry. You may buy these pouches as well as maps in kits. There are birding starter kits that include binoculars, DVD, lens care info, etc. And many of these pouches include pocket-size water bottles that fit on a waist belt that’s attached, travel compartments for tickets, boarding pass, keyholders. Some even have audio pockets with headphone portals. You can get anything from the simple to the advanced. There is quite an assortment on the market.

For your traditional hiking trip you would prepare yourself with the necessary basics such as compass, maps, snacks, water, first aid kit and the like, wouldn’t you?

The same applies to your birding trip. You need to pack your bottled water, first aid kit, rain gear, munchies and other refreshments. And of course, you’ll need an appropriate lightweight, water resistant pack–backpack or daypack–to store these necessities. Make sure you select the right size that will accommodate all this birding supply essentials without weighing you down.

Bird Watching Supplies

Bird Watching Supplies

Birdwatching Apps

Bird enthusiasts want to be able to get information on birds as quickly and easily as possible without carrying around cumbersome books. Enter birding apps. These apps allow you to get instant access to information about birds and birding– the same data and many more extras—that you’ll find in numerous books.

Some apps combine images and audio recordings, creating a real interactive experience. You can be there on your birding excursion without actually being there because you’ll be transported to whatever location you click on. You can use this interaction to plan your next birding excursion of birding vacation.

The variety of apps for birding that’s available on the market for birding experts and beginners alike is remarkable. There’s apps that can turn your Android or iPhone into an interactive field and educational guide.

Interested in learning more about birds of North America? Well, there are birding apps that will tell you all you want to know. Or maybe you spotted a bird and you want to confirm its identification. There are apps that will help you with that, too.

Perhaps you’d just like to know the history of a particular bird—with description of its habitat, feeding habits, breeding data. apps on birding to provide you with all of that information is there. Do you want detailed information about several species of birds? Well, you got it– with just the click of a mouse.

Imagine waking up in the morning and you just feel like listening to bird songs. Just about every passionate birder has had that experience. Just pop in your bird watching apps with bird songs and videos and you’re good to go.

With some apps you’re also able to compare pictures of birds that look alike. You can test yourself; enjoy quizzes about birds and see how good you are at identifying specific species. You can even play games. Or maybe you just want to look at photographs of gorgeous and rare birds. After all, that’s what bird watching is all about.

Birding apps offer you the opportunity to fully enjoy your pastime as well as improve your bird watching skills and knowledge.




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