For many homes, aquariums easily become the centerpiece of their interiors, and for good reasons at that.

A properly designed and well-maintained fish tank populated by vibrantly colored fishes can attract anyone’s attention, and can instantly become the conversation piece of any gathering that will be hosted in such an abode.

One trick that a fish keeper could do to make his aquarium even more attractive and aesthetically satisfying is to employ the usage of fish aquarium lights.

Aquarium tank lights can illuminate the simulated environment of the aquarium and bring the same to life. Also, the light would reflect on the fishes’ bodies, and their scales would burst into a fanciful explosion of beautiful colors.

But fish tank lights are not always beneficial, however. Believe it or not, they can be disadvantageous for the hobby as well. Let’s take a look at the pros and cons of using lights for your aquarium setup.


* There is no doubt that aquarium lights can beautify your fish tank, especially at night when the same would produce a fluidly soothing effect.

* Aquarium lights can help promote the healthy growth of the vegetation in your fish tank. Light makes photosynthesis possible, and photosynthesis is essential for plants to break down materials into nutrients they would need for sustained development.

And there is no denying how important aquatic plants are for the healthy ecosystem desired for your fish tank.

* Aquarium lights can help ward off vile predators that may imperil the very existence of your fishes. Rats, lizards and other reptiles might find their way to your setup and impose their hierarchy in the food chain. Aquarium lights can also ward off household pets that have developed a certain “fondness” for your fishes.


* Aquarium lights come in two kinds: incandescent and fluorescent. The former costs less, but would require more electricity (hence, higher bills) during its operation. The latter is a total energy-saver, but starting it up would consume more power. Bottom line is that aquarium lights, regardless of their kind, would consume electricity and could spike up your bills if left unchecked.

* Lights mostly serve an aesthetic function. Fish don’t really need aquarium lights.

Fish tank lights can be wonderful investments for the pursuit of your fish keeping hobby. But a good study of what you stand to gain and what you stand to compromise would be prudent, so that you’d be able to ensure that your purchase would be maximized for better use.


* Light can help hasten the growth of algae in your aquarium. Algae are parasitic in nature, and they steal the nutrients that your fish and your plants need for their sustenance. Also, algae can make your water green, which can be unsightly as well as unsafe for the aquatic life residing in your fish tank.

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