Unless you are planning to place your fish tank on the floor, purchasing a fish tank stand would be a wise option. And it is an important fish tank accessory that has a tendency to be overlooked by many.

Fish tank stands are important because they are reliable and sturdy, What is meant by reliable is that one can match the right tank to the right stand. The size and weight of the fish tank requires a proper fish tank stand to hold it.

Imagine placing an oversized fish tank on top of a collapsible metal bar stool. Don’t laugh, it’s been done before. While the metal bar stool may work as a makeshift fish tank initially (well, hopefully it will work at all), the weight of the fish tank may be too much for the stool.

Eventually, the stress builds to the breaking point and the bar stool collapses, sending the fish tank, the water and the fish flying all over the floor.

A proper fish tank stand avoids the above described scenario. They are designed to hold the weight distribution of a fish tank as that is what they are designed for. It’s best not to be creative when “conceptualizing” a proper mount for a fish tank. Sturdy refers to balance.

A fish tank stand is designed to maintain the proper balance needed to hold the fish tank. Much like the previously described bar stool disaster, a makeshift stand may not be able to properly diffuse the weight of the tank. In this case, the tank may end up tipping over. Not a good thing.

Play it safe and avoid being creative. Purchase a proper fish tank stand and you will avoid a potential catastrophe. And your fish will be able to have a night sleep devoid of bar stool induced paranoia.

Aquarium Stands Part II

Water can be heavy.

Yes, it’s a fact that’s often lost to many people, especially since we usually deal with water in small volumes. A glass of water is enough to quench our thirsts, for example. A bucket of water is enough to feed our beloved plants. We receive sprinkles of water when we take a shower. And we only need to place our hands on the faucet when we need to cleanse them before and after our meals.

But aquariums are a different matter. They hold many gallons of water, with the exact amount dependent on the size of the fish tank. A 50 gallon aquarium can hold 50 gallons of water. A 70 gallon aquarium can hold 70 gallons. And a 100 gallon aquarium can hold a hundred gallons.

We’re talking about very heavy volumes.

A gallon of water weighs around 8.33 lbs. So 50 gallons would weigh in around 416.5 lbs. That’s three times the weight of an average person! Imagine if the aquarium holds more water. A 100 gallon aquarium can weigh in at a massive 833 lbs.

Essential for every aquarium, therefore, is solid and sturdy support. Place a 50 gallon aquarium in a cabinet supported by plywood and chances are, the cabinet would collapse. Neither can you hope for a glass platform to support the said fish tank. Glass would easily break, especially when you’ll be dealing with such a weight.

Thankfully, you could always avail of fish tank stands. Fish tank stands are aquarium supports which are usually made of solid iron. They’d be solid and sturdy enough to hold the aquariums that would be placed on their platform. Cast iron is the material of choice, and they are commonly built openly, with four legs to hold the weight of the aquarium.

There are different kinds of fish tank stands for different sizes of aquariums, with the corresponding weight considered. And since aquariums come in a variety of dimensions despite having the same size, there are likewise different kinds of stands that can be availed of to support a particular shape.

There are stands made of pressure-treated strong wood, acrylic, and medium density fiberboard, or MDF. But these materials are usually employed for custom-made stands which go with specific sets of fish tanks. Iron is the popular make, especially for stands which are generic enough to accommodate a wider variety of aquarium designs.

Fish tank stands should not be taken for granted. They are very important in ensuring the proper placement and support for the fish tank, and as such, likewise ensure the safety of your aquatic pets as well as the members of the household.

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