Cats must be the most adventurous creatures on the planet and it seems they can never stay out of trouble for too long.

They like to get into every nook and cranny of the entire house and discover new terrain. It sure does sound fun for cats, but unfortunately these little play times can be frustrating for us pet owners.

The costs of owning a cat aren’t too high between food and the occasional veterinarian checkup. However, the amount of damage that they can cause to our expensive furniture, clothes, shoes, etc. can be quite pricey. And for some reason, many cats just love to attack houseplants.

This is a battle that I fought for a long time with my cats. If you also have a green thumb for growing plants inside your home while at the same time own a “plant-loving” cat, then your job is to make your plants as undesirable as you possibly can to the animal.

Below Are a Few Tips That Can Help You Stop the Battle Between Your Kitty and the Houseplants:

1. Since cats enjoy chewing on plants, one of the first things you can do is to make them taste terrible. Be careful however, and avoid spraying anything on your plants that may harm your cat or be toxic to the plant.

We recommend that you spray a little vinegar mixed with water or my personal favorite, Tabasco sauce. Sometimes a cat won’t even need to take a taste test in order to be turned off. Just getting close and taking to a whiff of that spice and bitterness will be enough to send him running.

2. Next, you can take advantage of your cat’s fear. So long as you don’t mind the ugly decor, you can make the plant look as unattractive as scary as possible. One technique that I use is to run aluminum foil wrapped around the sides of the pots and then extend a couple lines of foil rolled up and coiled 3 feet out, like a big bird claw.

It was funny to see my cats avoid those plants at all cost. This was just one idea I came up with that worked. You can brainstorm and find ways to scare off your cats that may suit you better.

3. Last but not least, if you want to avoid having a bitter aroma running through the house from Tabasco sauce as well as prevent your living room from looking like a science fiction movie with all the aluminum, your best bet is to simply turn your plants into hanging plants.

Unless your house or apartment is loaded with high levels that your cat can get to, turning your plants into ceiling plants are is probably the most successful technique that can be used to keep them from becoming cat food.



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